Har Hamenuchot Jerusalem.


About Us

Evison USA LLC is the marketing company in the US by Evison Israel,
and are both part of Evison Group.
Our private plot located in Har Hamenuchot ,Givat-Shaul the main Jewish
cemetery of Jerusalem.

Our plot is on the ground, no stairs or floors (ever) and have a parking next
to the graves.
Price includes funeral services by Chevra Kadisha in Israel.
Evison Israel Ltd is the rightful owner of land in subdivision 30259 blocks  60-
61 – which are approved for burial by virtue of ub”p 52465א.
We employ a funeral company that provides burial services as required by
law: Menuhat Avraham & Menuhat  Issak
Actualburial is done by “Chevra Kadisha”.

We declare that the company is not subject to the ministry of religious
services nor to social security, but only to the Ordinance of Public Health, and
that the company follows all legal requirements, rules and regulations required
regarding Jewish burial in Jerusalem.

We hereby declare there will never be any building of floors and/or
levels, and/or any construction what so ever – over/above/below any
existing and occupied burial plots in blocks  60,61, by virtue of full
ownership of the properties.